Texas88 Sportsbook Review


Fortunately for the dedicated enthusiast, there is more than one to choose from. For instance, in the land of the free and the home of the sleazy, Texas88 offers one of the best sports betting experiences in town. Thankfully, a new customer can take advantage of the site’s generous risk free $1,000 bet offer. The site also boasts one of the most user friendly customer service in the industry. This is in addition to a plethora of sports, including MMA, motorsports, horse racing and soccer, as well as a full slate of leagues, including the likes of the MLB, the NFL, the NBA and the AFL. Aside from the aforementioned footballs, Texas88 also offers an extensive poker and casino room. With such a plethora of games on tap, it’s no wonder that the site has earned a reputation as the place to be in the sports betting business. Moreover, Texas88 also boasts a stellar support staff and is a reliable partner in crime. The company is also a member of the industry’s largest and most exclusive e-commerce consortium, the PCA. This means that the site is also a great place to shop for the latest and greatest in games, apps and software.